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Jasper Gatrill

Welcome to Kits Hypnosis, a trusted name in hypnosis and hypnotherapy. My office is located at suite 610 – 1125 Howe Street in downtown Vancouver, Canada. I also offer my service through Skype.

Kits Hypnosis specializes in:

• pain control hypnotherapy
• hypnotic coaching
• content free hypnosis – meaning you don’t even have to say the details of what the issue is or how it came about.

I discovered the power of hypnosis after suffering years of neck pain from an MVA. After my experience I realized I had to learn all about this powerful state and offer the most advanced hypnotherapy to others in a professional setting.

If you have any questions about hypnosis and how it can help you, please call me at 778-708-3311 or email

Certified Member

Certified Member