Kits Hypnosis specializes in working with:

-sales and business professionals for performance enhancement and success

-chronic pain and illness

My office is located at Suite 610 – 1125 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC.


Below are real testimonials from some of my incredible clients reflecting the benefits they have received from working with me.

“I went to Jasper not knowing the benefits of hypnosis and the control I could exert by utilizing the power in my own mind. I had been suffering for years with shoulder pain after a series of injuries, the most serious being a car accident and a motorcycle accident. My shoulder never felt like it was in the right place. Treatments and exercises from physio, acupuncture, and chiropractic seemed to have extremely short, fleeting impact.

With one session with Jasper, I was able to unlock the potential of my mind to decrease discomfort. With some solo practice following the session, I was able to decrease it even further. In order to quantify the change, I would say that at moments the sensation was severe, perhaps a 5 out of 10. I am able to decrease the sensation to a 1 out of 10 and at times eliminate it completely.”

– B.B.

“Jasper helped me look at things more positively and gain a better perspective of life and daily goals. I am naturally a positive person but due to life complications and issues I became less passionate. With this positive change in the mindset, my life and things around me started changing. I gained a deeper understanding of things and gained the confidence needed to accomplish my long term goals. He helped me discover the blocks in my mind from childhood that stopped me from achieving my goals. I feel rejuvenated and a new person now. His sessions will help me throughout my life.”


“Being a skeptic of most alternative treatments, I likely would not have considered hypnotherapy, however Jasper’s use of self-hypnosis to alleviate his severe and chronic neck-pain, was intriguing and I was curious to see where he could get with me. During the sessions I felt comfortable and in control of the situation and following the session I felt relaxed and energized. One of the issues I was seeking treatment for was debilitating cramps during high intensity bicycle races. Nothing I did to prepare, nutritionally or otherwise, seemed to alleviate the problem. Through discussion and hypnosis, Jasper helped me identify the cause as race-induced stress. Since my two sessions with Jasper, I have not had a cramp. When riding, I can produce the same amount of power, yet my body and mind remain much more relaxed.”


“I had a fear of numbers and looking at account statements. Bills used to make me anxious and I avoided them like a plaque until things got out of my hand. Jasper helped me feel better about the numbers by associating them to something I like. For example thinking of opening up my statements to laying on a beach and relaxing. Numbers don’t scare me anymore because I associate them as something relaxing and good for me. I have stopped procrastinating and the sessions with Jasper have helped me open a bill or a statement without any hesitation.”


“I have had 2 one-on-one hypnosis sessions with Jasper. Additionally, I attended his one-day self-hypnosis course. I used this to help with various elements of bike racing. The night prior to my race, I took 20 minutes to hypnotize myself and focus on elements of relaxation and confidence when racing. The next day, my mental game was the best I had ever experienced during a race. I was confident and relaxed; as a result I was having fun during the race. My 2nd place result was much higher than I had expected and I believe hypnosis played a role in helping me achieve this. I would highly recommend any endurance athlete to work with Jasper to help attain better results in their sport. Considering the time and money that goes into training, hypnosis is a no-brainer.”


“I was feeling severe anxiety about my intention to leave my current comfortable job of many years to pursue new opportunities. The symptoms were a tightness in my chest, difficulty sleeping and even irritable bowels for multiple days. Jasper’s hypno therapy helped relieve the pressure and gave me tools to ameliorate it going forward. This helped me control my anxiety going forward, allowing me to start taking concrete action towards my goal of finding a new job, and my symptoms quickly dissipated. Jasper was very professional during the session; he has a professional soothing demeanor that was very comforting. I will make use of Jasper again, and wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone that may benefit from hypnosis therapy.”


“Jasper has worked with me over several sessions. In this time jasper has helped me build confidence in my personal life and my professional life. He has helped me to pinpoint underlying issues which his conversational hypnosis has helped me overcome, which has helped me grow in so many different aspects of my life, most notably, as a vocalist. I would happily recommend jasper’s unobtrusive style of hypnosis to anyone.”

– J.M.

“I met Jasper at my old place of work. I immediately felt a connection when we started talking. As I am a competitive athlete in the sport of distance road running Jasper expressed an interest in the connection of hypnotherapy and competitive sports and offered to work with me. I had been struggling mentally more than physically recently and thought this would be a great opportunity to learn how to control my thoughts and emotions with my sport in hopes of over-coming these mental barriers.

Jasper came to my home and we did the session in my living room. He asked me a lot of questions and through the hypnosis really made me visualize my sport, my feelings and what may be creating these feelings. Emotional awareness was a big part of this session. It was different than I had originally thought. I have seen hypnotists on stage in high school and watched as they make people do silly things. This was in no way like that. I was not in a trance but rather conscious of everything that was happening the whole time. I was in a state of relaxation and deep thought. It felt as though I was on a mental journey.

Jasper brings a very easy sense of comfort and honesty not only with him being there but with myself as we are working. It’s easy to try and fool yourself or others but Jasper makes it easy to relax and come to terms with your thoughts and their impacts on whatever you do. After Jasper’s hypnotherapy session I found myself much happier and way less stressed in my training. I put a lot of pressure on myself to perform very well and sometimes it creates too much stress and negativity. With Jaspers help I was able to relax more and focus more.

I recently took a new job selling cars on 100% commission. It’s amazing how both sport and work are similar. I met with Jasper a second time to get help with my new sales role. His help this time around was equally if not even more helpful. I suppose his skillset allows you to feel more control in situations which otherwise seem out of your control. I would conclude that Jasper’s hypnotherapy is very effective. In a world full of difficulties, I found his techniques to allow me to maintain control in many different tough situations. My physical state has always been strong but my mental often suffers from weakness. If I could give Jasper another title I might call him a mind coach. He has given me mental strength which is priceless and very hard to come by a lot of the time. I would highly recommend Jasper to anyone looking for the extra edge to get ahead in work or sport.”

– D.P.

“I always found it difficult to get out and exercise by walking or running. I knew exercise was very beneficial to me but it was always easier to just sit on the sofa and never get around to it. I seemed to be telling myself that the effort to get up and out was more then the benefits of going. In one session Jasper totally changed this attitude. I now look forward to exercise and am out there walking or running for nearly an hour, more than four times a week. I am fitter and healthier as a result.”

– A.G.

“I was impressed how Jasper got to the core of the problem quickly and easily without me evening realising what the problem was. He managed to ask the right questions to uncover the real issue that I didnt even know was there. And then went about resolving it.”

– K.G.

“I find that hypnotherapy helped me move forward, focus on my future rather than the past by asking me where I want to be and what I want to achieve.  It’s like making a plan for my future and just focusing on that plan.”

– J.C.

“Jasper is extremely encouraging and positive and has chosen the path of hypnotherapy due to his belief and passion in it. I was completely unaware of the benefits of hypnotherapy and how working with your unconscious mind could affect you in a positive way. I was definitely stuck and Jasper helped me release stress from a past experience that has helped me feel better. After my session I was impressed with how I felt better and continue to, it was like a weight had been lifted and I was able to proceed in a more positive direction and with a better outlook on my life. Jasper is very patient and understanding in his approach to your issue or problem; he will put you at ease and allow you to be comfortable with the process. If you are feeling stuck in your life or wish to change something specific I would recommend hypnotherapy and recommend Jasper as a hypnotherapist.”