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What is hypnosis?

The term hypnosis was coined in France by Etienne De Cuvillers in the 17th century and comes from the Greek word "hypnos" which means sleep.  Although hypnosis is similar to sleep it is not exactly.  It is however a state that you go into just prior to sleep.  Therefore all people have the ability to go into hypnosis as it is a natural part of the sleep process.  In fact you go into hypnosis many times each day.  Perhaps you did it today at work when you caught yourself staring off in the distance thinking about how you were going to solve a problem or maybe when you were relaxing watching TV.  We go into a hypnotic trance multiple times each day and yet we often don't realize when we are doing it. Yet this profound state of focus and relaxation allows us to process information quickly and learn almost effortlessly at an unconscious level.

What is not hypnosis?

Some view hypnosis in other than a positive light as they perceive it as mind control, dangerous, unnatural and even scary.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  The question you have to ask yourself is where did this incorrect stereotype come from?  Well it generally comes from the media such as movies, television and books portraying hypnotists as cunning and hypnosis as something that which it is not.  A classic example of Hollywood false imagery is the hypnotist swinging a pendulum in front of someone’s eyes when in actual fact this is not a hypnotic technique that works because focusing on a swinging pendulum would prevent you from going in to trance as you would have to consciously focus on following your eyes back and forth on the pendulum.  Incorrect perceptions of hypnosis can also stem from viewing stage hypnotists who can get people to “do things” they wouldn’t otherwise do in real life when in actual fact the hypnotist is testing and filtering out only the exhibitionists who want to come up on stage and “act” in those ways.

All too frequently we dismiss something before having ever even experienced it because of what we have been told from outside influences.  However, we know it is generally best for us to make our own conclusions based on our own experience.  Some common misconceptions:

a)      Being hypnotised does not mean you are gullible – in fact the deepest trance clients I have worked with have been an accountant and a lawyer.  Generally speaking, the sharper and more focused your mind the easier it will be for you to go in to trance.

b)      Hypnosis is not sleep - when in hypnosis you do not feel asleep as your mind is active and you can hear everything your hypnotist says.  This is an important distinction as some people may feel that they have not been hypnotised when in fact they certainly are in trance.  This is because they were expecting something else.  Trance is something you have to experience to understand the feeling and what it means.

c)      You have total control - Hypnosis is not mind control as you have the ability to accept or reject anything said to you.  If something would break your personal morals your unconscious mind will reject it.  In addition you will not reveal your deepest, darkest secrets.  Everyone has skeletons in the closet that they may be ashamed of and not want to discuss.  This is a natural part of the human condition.  If this concerns you remember you have the control to keep them secret should you choose.  In any event all sessions are 100% confidential.

d)      You will not forget (everything) – you will hear everything said to you and will generally be able to remember everything said to you.

e)     You will not get stuck in trance – it has happened that people have enjoyed being in trance so much that they want to stay there.  This occurs infrequently.  Should this happen the hypnotist can guide the person out or if left in trance the person will simply fall into sleep likely for 15-20 minutes and awaken feeling fantastic.

Remember, hypnosis is a natural process.  It is a trance state of relaxation and heightened focus where the unconscious mind is more suggestible.  The reason for this suggestibility is due to the fact the critical factor, a component of your conscious mind is bypassed and because you are more suggestible in this state you have the means to learn at a faster rate at the unconscious level.

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